Well, the Dantzer Lab just got back from another fabulous SICB conference in sunny Tampa, Florida!

In case you missed it, here's a recap of the exciting work coming out of our lab:

Dr. Tricia Rubi presented on her postdoc work about methylation in museum specimens. Tricia developed new methods to recover global methylation markers in deer mice skull samples dating all the way back from the 1940s! Stay tuned for the publication!

Dr. Sarah Guindre-Parker presented on her postdoc work with the Kluane Red Squirrel Project about the evolution of hormones in red squirrels. Sarah looked into how plasticity in glucocorticoid responses to squirrel density influences reproductive success. Pre-print coming soon!

Amy-Charlotte Devitz presented a talk on her first year Master's project about deer mice behavior and diet along the range expansion. This was Charlotte's first conference talk and she knocked it out of the park!

Matt Sehrsweeney presented a poster about his undergraduate senior thesis looking into whether we can detect a bio-acoustic signature of physiological stress in the squirrel's territorial call. Read the pre-print here.

Dr. Ben Dantzer won the Bartholomew Award and gave a fantastic lecture about the long-term impacts of moms in red squirrels. Ben also presented some new data about the impact of maternal glucocorticoids on the relationships between traits in the offspring.

Finally, I presented work on different methods we use to capture individual variation in maternal care in the red squirrel and how maternal care varies with glucocorticoids during pregnancy.

Can't wait for SICB in Austin, TX next year!

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